- Garden Blog -


Its time to get going in the garden, so we have been planning what to grow from seed for cutting in our various beds. Our aim is to grow more to cut not just for the house but for our workshops. As always as we are told by the experts its all about the soil so a 1000 litre bag of manure was a welcome gift this Christmas – gone are the days of bottles of expensive Champagne and chocolates – its all about the muck and compost!

In the autumn we planted some bare rooted David Austin climbing Roses – ‘Pilgrim’ - along the fence into our Meadow Garden. Our Meadow Garden plot is where we are developing and planning to fill with beds all having different themes providing the delicious displays that our visitors and guests can enjoy. So far we have our White bed, Bed’19 a collection of hot colours oranges, yellows and purple. We also have our Pollinators bed which gets our focus this year along with a large patch that will be planted with meadow seed. We have a long list of pollinators plants as we need to protect our bees.

Near our summer house, this year we are going to utlise and develop the raised beds to provide more foliage and herbs for a project in the autumn. The other thing that is changing this year is the garden shed or new garden workshop, as it will be known, bigger brighter and room for no junk but the perfect place to pot on and store the garden tools.

Longing for the cold wind to go and for the warmth of summer days – I know winters not quite done but you have to be hopeful, as you have to be when doing any gardening, on any scale.

- Mig Kimpton x